Get “Torn Asunder” by Denver Sludge Merchants Khemmis

(photo by Travis Heacock)

Denver has a pretty accurate track record when it comes to predicting potential. Randy Marsh once said that Jay Cutler “might be good someday,” and… well, he was more or less accurate! Sort of! We feel a little more confident about sludge/doom four-piece Khemmis after hearing the first track off their forthcoming six-song 20 Buck Spin debut, Absolution. “Torn Asunder” marches forward with an authority that belies the three-year-old outfit’s age. 

According to the band, “We decided to open with ‘Torn Asunder’ because we felt that it offered a bit of everything we do throughout the album in a five-minute-long ripper. There are dueling guitar leads, heavy grooves, and it’s topped off with an ultra-doomy ending. Lyrically, the song explores a scientific backfire at the Large Hadron Collider that wipes out all life in an instant. Those are the most upbeat lyrics on the album. Seriously.”

Stream it below.