Not Jumping to Conclusions and Streaming William English’s “Grandpa Sorrow Part 1”

When the promo for UK band William English’s debut full-length, Basic Human Error showed up in my inbox, I made a basic human error and judged a book by its cover. I mean, look at the cover of the record and take a gander at the name of the band – it’s got dip-shit, boy band, “punk rock” and a date with my delete bin written all over it. After taking the time to skim through the description, I caught wind of keywords like “sludge,” “hardcore” and “Eyehategod” and cursed myself for being such a prejudicial prick less than a minute earlier. I cursed myself even more after spinning the crushing thunder of Basic Human Error and thinking about what might have been had I stuck to my original mindset. Well, probably nothing because some PR person would have kept hounding me about it. Anyhoo, don’t be like me (which should be an ongoing and already understood life lesson), check out the track we have streaming below, “Grandpa Sorrow Part 1” and the in-your-face video for another song called “Bud Vessel” below that.

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