STREAMING: Shape of Despair “Monotony Fields”

“‘Monotony Fields’, is a song which reflects the album and its atmosphere the most for us. Slow trip into the mind of desperation,” says Shape of Despair in a band-released statement.

As if Shape of Despair’s storied catalog is filled with joy and dancing. Since the group’s debut, Shades of…, the Finns have plied the slow motion waters of funeral doom. They’ve taken from countrymen Thergothon, Skepticism, and Unholy, but the Finns were never subservient. They were always interested in painting different pictures of horror. Whether it’s the sylvan majesty of Shades of… or the urban black of Illusion’s Play, Shape of Despair have been peerless. So, it’s with great pleasure we are able to premiere new Shape of Despair track, “Monotony Fields”.

** Shape of Despair’s new album, Monotony Fields, is out June 16th on Season of Mist Records. Pre-orders are available HERE. Funeral doom fans are well advised to pick up this early summer bummer.