VIDEO: Order of Apollyon “Our Flowers are the Sword and the Dagger”

Comprised of members from Aosoth, Antaeus, and Temple of Baal, France’s The Order of Apollyon aren’t the joking type. You won’t find jokes about gurgling menstrual blood-both for supper or day trips to the epicurean gynaecologist—that’s saved for the group’s gore-grind project, cutely named Genital Grinder. Instead, The Order of Apollyon are solely focused on flat-black darkness and the evil that swirls menacingly within.

That being said, we’re displeased as Lucifer’s bank account to announce we have the video premiere of The Order of Apollyon’s “Our Flowers are the Sword and the Dagger”. In it, the Parisians lay waste to our religiously formatted senses. Bring it on! But first a public service announcement from The Order of Apollyon mastermind B.S.T.

“This track’s lyrics are about martyrdom, and how sacrifices win wars. Aside from the obvious allusion to Christ, one can read into this references to the Muslim tradition, as well as various forms of indoctrinations from regimes that lead their devotees to Glorious Deaths.”

** Order of Apollyon’s new album, The Sword and the Dagger, is out now on Listenable Records. It’s available HERE now for death-heads, senior occult managers, and children of the night.