Over But Just Beginning: Exclusive UnWed Album Stream!

Oh, man. Brooklyn’s UnWed get shit right, dropping a heartbeat-quickening melodic post-hardcore bomb dead center on the very best of swaggering, churning 90s rock. Hum meets Killing Joke meets Slint featuring members of Hot Water Music, Small Brown Bike, and Gay for Johnny Depp — how the fuck can you beat that?

We’ve got the exclusive stream of the band’s upcoming debut Raise the Kids below, but, first, here’s what guitarist Arthur Shepherd told Decibel about the record:

“This record started as an email project between Jason, Neltie and I. Once the band was filled out with Jeff and Matt, it was obvious this was going to be a  juggernaut of 90’s influenced rock — the best kind! We knew it was a hard sell to the fans of our other bands who, for obvious reasons, would show the most initial interest. But it didn’t matter. It’s really good and sometimes you have to get songs out, I feel thats that what we are doing. For me personally, I had been playing strictly heavy/spazzy music for a few years with Primitive Weapons and Gay for Johnny Depp so doing something a bit more melodic was a welcome change and totally in my wheelhouse.”

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