STREAMING: Lancer “Second Storm”

Lancer’s self-titled debut garnered rave reviews when it crushed the competition in 2013. To years later, the Arvika-based quintet have returned with Second Storm. While most bands are jacking old-school heavy metal-isms without much sense of purpose, the Swedes in Lancer have made it point to pull the finer points of traditional German heavy metal–Helloween, Running Wild–into the modern era with style and believability. That they also write damned fine songs is further proof Lancer are ready for prime time.

“We’re very proud to finally launch the Second Storm,” beams vocalist Isak Stenvall. “Right now I’m on a train on my way to Karlstad, Sweden for the final rehearsals before our release shows. When I listen to our new album, I become more and more convinced that our music will fill a gap in the heavy metal market. This is an honest and cheerful version of the music that we love. Our passion and hunger for music shines throughout every minute of this album. An album filled with soaring vocal melodies, thundering drums, splendid guitar work and pounding bass. The production takes this ‘80s inspired metal songs into 2015 without losing the grip of the traditional heavy metal sound. Our main goal has always been to carry the legacy of the British and German ‘80’s heavy metal era. That’s what you will get when you listen to Second Storm. Riffs and song structures from Britain combined with the melodies and speed from Germany, performed by five metal heads from Sweden. Hold on tight, the storm has arrived!”

Actually, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves–though we tried. Ready to blow the bandana off your head? Here’s Lancer!

** Lancer’s new album, Second Storm, is out April 10th on Despotz Records. It’s available HERE for true metallers the world over.