STREAMING: Human Improvement Process “Tortured Hands of Reason”

What happens when Meshuggah and Decapitated are fused together in brutal staccato matrimony? Human Improvement Process. Based in Italy, but not sounding particularly “Italian” (or that they’re from the home of balsamic vinegar), Human Improvement Process (or HIP) are one of the country’s upcoming stars. They’re technical, atmospheric, yet highly aggressive.
“We’re beyond excited to release our new stuff,” says Human Improvement Process, “which is more extreme and death metal oriented than our previous full-length Deafening Dissonant Millennium. We’re evolving in a new direction, and so does our music. Our new form is taking shape with this new EP, which will sound darker and heavier than everything we’ve released so far.”

Now, after a well-recognized full-length, Deafening Dissonant Millennium, the Italians are ready to release another EP in the form of, Enemies of the Sun. To celebrate, via digital means, the release of the upcoming EP, Decibel has partnered with Human Improvement Process to debut new song and video, “Tortured Hands of Reason”.

Friday is HIP day!

** Human Improvement Process’ new EP, Enemies of the Sun, is out May 2015 on Memorial Records. While no pre-order is set up, HIP has a number of products available HERE. Do yourself a favor and get “improved”.