CONTEST: The Wounded Kings

It’s been a pretty good stretch for doom lately, from Pallbearer and YOB garnering much deserved critical acclaim last year to Crypt Sermon, Elder and Brothers of the Sonic Cloth dropping strong releases already in 2015 with plenty more (Monolord!) on the way. There’s also that whole top 100 doom metal albums thing that no one seemed to get worked up over or have an opinion on.
In any case, one doomy release that may have flown under the radar last year was The Wounded KingsConsolamentum. Now that the UK band has already started rehearsal sessions and pre-production to record a new LP this summer with Chris Fielding (Electric Wizard) and original vocalist George Birch (instead of Sharie Neyland), a new album cycle is quickly preparing to put its predecessor in the rearview mirror. So it seemed like the perfect time to give away two free downloads of the group’s fourth full-length, which happened to be one of my favorite records of 2014.

To enter, simply email us what release you’re most excited about in 2015–extreme or otherwise–by 5pm EST on Tuesday, March 24th. We’ll pick two entries at random and email each a bandcamp download link. It’s that simple.

In the meantime, if you’re not familiar with TWK, start listening!

You can also pick up a hard copy from our friends at Candlelight Records here.