Streaming: Sorcerer’s “Sumerian Script”

There’s going to be a lot of alliteration today, faithful Deciblog readers. Sorcerer formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1988 and was active until 1992. But, as we’ve seen many times, good metal bands never die — they just reunite. Sorcerer got back together for a one-off show at the Hammer Of Doom festival in Germany in 2010 and has been an active band since, even if a new record has been slow to come and a few faces have changed.
The band recently finished the album In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross, which will be released by Metal Blade on March 24. We’re stoked to premiere the song “Sumerian Script.”

The band says: Sumerian Script is one of the key songs on the album. It has every element a Sorcerer song should have — the heaviness and epic touch that we think represents Sorcerer. We also love the way Anders sings and the middle part is something special.

Check it out below and get in touch with the band here.