Exclusive: Napalm Death Video Premiere

Folks, that’s an animated Barney Greenway. Consider us chuffed.
Napalm Death was recently featured on our cover in conjunction with the release of their massive new album Apex Predator-Easy Meat. In our story last month Greenway told us: “I know it sounds sickeningly upbeat but I’ve never gone into a show and been in the doldrums. Even playing in front of 20 kids in Europe – those 20 kids came and those kids deserve the most hard-hitting performance we can give. There is a difference between Napalm and other bands – we will always ride the wave and do what we need to do. That kept us going during the 90s. A lot of bands went to the wayside and we were on this survival raft of two or three bands.”

Little surprise, then, that there’s even a focus on quality when it comes to videos. We won’t make you suffer through another lyric video; instead check out the killer animated video for “Smash A Single Digit” that we are premiering today.