Track Premiere: VON, “Rise of the Ancients”

Seminal American black metal band VON has been very active ever since reuniting in 2010, following an 18-year absence. If you know your USBM, you’ll know that a pair of full-length albums, 2012’s Satanic Blood and 2013’s Dark Gods: Seven Billion Slaves, and you should know that there’s plenty more on the way. Not only is the full-length album Dark Gods: Birth of the Architects due in March on VON Records, but the band is in the midst of releasing a limited edition series of comic books, fittingly titled Dark Gods, written and drawn by VON visionary Jason “Venien” Ventura, all of which accompanied by a special CD single.
We’re elated to premiere “Rise of the Ancients” from the latest issue of Dark Gods, which comes out on January 26. A murky, harrowing track that plays to the band’s strengths, combining raw black metal with the foreboding tones of doom, it’s the perfect funeral dirge for this frigid, lifeless time of year. And if that wasn’t enough, if you keep listening to the clip below, you’ll hear the B-side, an exclusive demo recording of the towering track “Behold!” Either way, give these tracks a listen, they’ll put frost on the cockles of your blackened heart. And if you read Decibel, you’re into frosty cockles.

Be sure to order the single and comic right now here.