Streaming: Wolfpack 44 with Jinx Dawson

Decibel is stoked to premiere “To The Devil…A Daughter,” a track from the debut Wolfpack 44 album The Scourge, featuring additional vocals from Jinx Dawson, frontwoman of the legendary occult band Coven. Coven also released a version of the song on their latest album Jinx (Nevoc Music).
Dawson wrote the lyrics, and Wolfpack 44 guitarist Ricktor Ravensbrück wrote and played all the music. Wolfpack 44 was created by longtime Electric Hellfire Club guitarist Ravensbrück and Kult ov Azazel guitarist/vocalist Julian Xes, below. Notes on the making of the track from Ravensbrück and Dawson follow the stream.

Ravensbrück: “I began this project almost 22 months ago in Chicago, but due to an unscrupulous producer delaying the project and ultimately absconding to LA with the tracks and most of my money — which I only reacquired after getting my attorney involved and threatening legal action — I had to finish it up here in my native Wisconsin with longtime Electric Hellfire Club producer Paul “Evil” Kneevers at his Kneever-Kneeverland Studios. In hindsight I probably should have just done it there to begin with, but the result is a much heavier production and I’m really pleased with it.”

“The collaboration between Jinx and myself began when I’d contacted her about creating a Sigil for the band. Our relationship grew from there and when I’d asked her if she’d be interested in possibly working on music together, an unholy alliance was born. Jinx traveled to Chicago and we recorded a version of the Coven classic ‘Wicked Woman’ and this song. We agreed that both Wolfpack 44 and Coven would release the tracks as each saw fit, and here we are. As a Coven fan since high school, it was a surreal experience first meeting, then working with someone I’d idolized forever. I mean, we are talking about the First Lady of occult rock here! But Jinx is an amazing and sweet person, and we’ve since become fast friends. And I absolutely love the versions that she released on her album, Jinx, and it has been an absolute honor for me!”

Jinx Dawson: “When Ricktor sent me the instrumental track, the vocal and lyrics came to me in a flash. That is how I knew it was destined to become an occult rock classic. When one hears both versions, the song stands strong on its own. Ricktor and the Pack made the sessions wickedly ritualistic. And his charm and guitar playing was most brilliant.”

Ravensbrück: “Previously we’ve had a dark, occult visual sense for the band, and I expect that is what we’ll do again in the future, but for this song I wanted more of a horror-exploitation graphic, so I got in touch with Karl Dahmer, who has worked with bands such as The Mentors, Incantation, Impetigo and others, and he created the cool poster we have here. Definitely a departure from our norm.”

In addition to Jinx Dawson, The Scourge also features guest-appearances by Dark Funeral guitarists Lord Ahriman and Chaq Mol, Electric Hellfire Club mainman Thomas Thorn, Demonic Christ’s Dana Duffey and more. The album is slated for a late spring/early summer release. Get more info here.

You can hear the Coven version here and find out more about Coven here.