March Decibel Featuring Leviathan Available Now

Black metal and baby bottles? No, we haven’t employed Anne Geddes as our cover photographer, and no, we haven’t lost our minds. It’s just the latest step in the tumultuous, unbelievable journey of Jef Whitehead, the one-man trailblazer behind USBM institution Leviathan.
Just four years ago, Whitehead was arrested on multiple criminal charges, his legacy and life in jeopardy. Since then, with the vast majority of the accusations dropped or disproved, he’s reinvented himself as a sober, dedicated father, and reignited his prolific artistic passion in the form of Leviathan’s triumphant Scar Sighted, one of the young year’s most uncompromising and provocative extreme music albums. J. Bennett talks at length to Whitehead — who does not routinely grant long-form interviews — for this stunningly candid cover story.
This month’s flexi disc veers 180 degrees from lacerating black metal, as London doombringers Orange Goblin bash out previously unreleased track “The Test” via silver on (what else?) orange plastic. Snap up all the new orange and black in the March issue, which also features a Living Colour Hall of Fame, Venom Q&A, and the exclusive stories behind 20 classic LPs we’ve struggled to induct in the HOF.