STREAMING: Armageddon “The Watcher” + Contest!

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It’s no secret guitar wiz Christopher Amott is no longer sharing albums and stage with his brother Michael in death metal sensation Arch Enemy. The younger, blonder Amott has moved on to his labor of love called Armageddon (no relation to the ’70s hard rock band of the same name). But Armageddon isn’t a new entity. The group, helmed by Amott and pulsed by ex-Eucharist wonderkids, has been in existence since 1997 when it issued, somewhat under the radar, debut album, Crossing the Rubicon.

Some 17 years later, Armageddon is about to issue its fourth full-length album, Captivity & Devourment, after a very long absence. With a new lineup (the ex-Eucharist guys are now ex-Armageddon, too) in the form of bassist Sara Claudius, guitarist Joey Concepcion, vocalist Matt Hallquist and drummer Márton Veress, Armageddon are set for domination. New album, Captivity & Devourment, is a mix of death, black, and power metal—essentially all three previous Armageddon albums blended and matured—and it’s nothing less than stellar.

“To Arch Enemy fans I want to say that this album contains in my opinion some of my best guitar work to date,” says Amott proudly to Decibel. “And I hope they will check it out.”

Do as Amott hopes and check out Armageddon’s new song, “The Watcher”, from new album, Captivity & Devourment.

** Armageddon’s new album, Captivity & Devourment, is out January 20th on Listenable Records. Pre-order bundles can be found HERE. Sick riffs and solos abound!

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If you think you’re lucky, Listenable Records is giving away TWO (2) copies of Armageddon’s Captivity & Devourment with a t-shirt. TWO (2) runners-up will receive copies of Kruger’s new album, Adam and Steve, also on Listenable Records. To enter simply email us here: here

—————-CONTEST ALERT!!!—————-