Rage In Bloom: Exclusive Ampere Stream!

Ampere — the band featuring Will Killingsworth of much-celebrated Amherst, Massachusetts scream-y, powerviolence-y trailblazers Orchid — is back with a new split on No Idea and, as the super-intense, raw-as-fuck exclusive stream below will surely attest, the band has not missed a single goddamn step…

Here is what vocalist Stephen Pierce told Decibel about the lyrics and more:

It’s called “Parallels,” and it’s a long time in the making — we began recording these songs in 2012, not too long after the release of Like Shadows. It’s one of three songs that will be on a split with our overseas buddies in long-running DIY H/C band Raein, from Italy, who we met on our first European tour with Sinaloa, playing together in Montbrison, France. We later toured Japan with La Quiete, who share members with Raein, and have ended up crossing paths more than a handful of times since. To say that we’re excited would be an understatement! The artwork is by Meghan Minior, our bassist.

“Parallels” is pretty straightforward: It’s about growing up and away from what defined you as a younger person, but hanging onto what’s important & the lessons learned there. Applying that drive, that dedication, that heart to everything you do. A lot of the best folks I’ve met through punk rock aren’t necessarily still active in bands or labels or whatever – maybe they’re parents now, maybe they’ve pursued some other goal – but, at least in my experience, they all seem to bring that same urgency and sincerity to general personhood beyond the limitations of a diy punk rock community. Basically, growing up is a weird & hard thing, but can be done gracefully and while preserving the ideals and integrity of our maybe more radical years.

There’s also a little lyrical nod to our buddies Daniel Striped Tiger in there, too. You know, cuz those little kids are all growed up now too, and doing so very well!