Full Album Stream: NervoChaos

Ah, December — the time of the year when everyone puts out their “best of” lists and thinks about albums that will come out in summer 2015. We’re just as guilty at Decibel; our annual top 40 extravaganza is probably on your nightstand.
This would lead you to think that no new music comes out just weeks before the year ends. That’s certainly not the case. Thanks to Greyhaze Records we are streaming the just released album from NervoChaos titled The Art Of Vengeance.

Even better, it’s just the kind of stuff we like: old school death metal and thrash from Brazil, where you’ll still get your ass kicked sideways for being a poseur. Spin it below and get your own copy here — it’s out today.

Also: we’re not sure if the guy in the far right is in the band, a schoolteacher who happened upon a metal photo shoot or somehow related to Jack Owen.