CONTEST: Axegressor CDs

Axegressor hails from Finland, home of Decibel HOFers like Amorphis and Skepticism. As you can tell from the video below for “Command to Last”, even though the quartet might sound nothing like those fellow countrymen–it’s more thrash than anything else–like most Fins we’ve encountered in our worldly travels, the band seems to know how to have fun.
Since the group’s hometown of Turku is set to average under an hour of sunlight this month, the folks at Listenable decided they’d try and bring back some summertime memories, like when Axegressor’s third LP Last dropped in June, by giving away one copy of said CD to two lucky winners. Check out the details on how to enter after watching the video.

Entry rules: simply send in your response to the following question here by 5pm EST on Monday, December 8th and we’ll pick two winners:

Name two bands other than Axegressor that appear (on a shirt or otherwise) in the video

While you’re at it, pick up a copy of Last from Listenable here.