Musk Ox: Video Premiere Part 1

What’s a Musk Ox? Is it some sort of rare delicacy that your backwoods family member serves up at Thanksgiving Dinner? According to the sages at Wikipedia a musk ox is: an Arctic mammal of the family Bovidae, noted for its thick coat and for the strong odor emitted during the seasonal rut by males, from which its name derives.
Alright then; it’s a big creature that smells when it gets horny. Perfect name for a band. Will it fight a Mastodon?

But Musk Ox actually isn’t crust or sludge or doom as the name implies. It’s a neofolk project formed by Nathanaël Larochette. The band says the project “blends Neofolk’s lush acoustic textures with the expansiveness of post rock, the intricacy of progressive rock, and the emotional weight of metal.” You should put aside our juvenile puns and check out the music because it’s beautiful and perfect for the season.

We’re hosting two videos on the making of the band’s new album Woodfall below. The second video will follow on December 1. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving.