STREAMING: Ghost Brigade “The Knife”

Finland’s Ghost Brigade might be the best band you’ve never heard of. True, they’ve been around since 2005 (debut album, Guided by Fire, received rave reviews in 2007), but Jyväskylä-based sextet haven’t toured much and most of their respective catalog has resided on import status here in the US. And true import status means jack in today’s content-everywhere world, but certain conditions must be met—largely marketing and some blind luck—for a band like Ghost Brigade to hit you over the head.
Well, Decibel hopes to aid in Ghost Brigade’s hammer to the face (we were trying to slide in a Cannibal Corpse reference there) with the streaming premiere of new track, “The Knife,” off new album, One With the Storm. A combo of Isis, Sólstafir, and Deftones, the Finns reside in a no-man’s land of heavy, reflective, heavy, and reflective. Or, at least that’s how we at Decibel hear the Northerners.

Season of Mist is much more eloquent: “Finland’s Ghost Brigade haunts the spaces between worlds. Their heavy, mournful music is the sound of dusk; mining the distinctive Finnish sound of sorrow and the vast, heavy drone of the post-metal cosmos. Plaintive vocals sing songs of loss, and cloak both a sonic and emotional weight that resonates deeply.”

OK, it’s Monday morning and likely work is already crushing our collective constitution. Time to cut ourselves back to normality with “The Knife”.

** Ghost Brigade’s new album, One With the Storm, is out November 7th on Season of Mist Records. It’s available for pre-order HERE on vinyl, CD, and collector’s edition boxsets.