Full Album Stream: Inferion’s This Will Decay

Florida and death metal are practically synonymous. Most of that has to do with the legendary albums cranked out of Morrisound in the 90s by Obituary, Death, Cannibal Corpse and other luminaries. But don’t forget Miami, which is the home of Decibel favorite grinders Maruta and birthed Hall Of Fame inductees Cynic.
Let’s showcase a little more metal from the Sunshine State. Decibel is streaming Miami-based Inferion’s new album This Will Decay to get you through your Monday.

The album is due October 21 from Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Inferion has been around since 1995 and released eight albums. The band showcases the talents of Nick Reyes, who writes music while serving in the Army.

You can preorder the CD from HPGD.