Rosetta: An Update

You may have heard that there’s a new Rosetta EP on the way (that’s the cover up there), but the band also just announced that it will be playing two special record release shows for Flies to Flame. While our hometown favorites are always worth seeing, these gigs have something extra to offer. Not only will they be your last opportunity to see Rosetta live this year, but you can expect to hear new material that the quartet has previously said wasn’t “intended to be played live” as it “functions as a kind of process document, from an important and transitional year in our life as a band.” But the most interesting part about these performances is that the ensemble will expand to a quintet with guitarist Eric Jernigan (from City of Ships, who you might remember from our 2009 top 40) in tow. Dates are below.

If you can’t make it to Brooklyn or Philly next month, however, a new EP is not the only thing on the horizon. More immediately, War Crime Recordings will release last year’s The Anaesthete on vinyl at the end of the month. Longer term, a feature-length documentary film about the group is in the works. While not a “Rosetta project”, the outfit will be scoring the film with “totally new experimental compositions not available on any other release.”

Rosetta tour dates:

Friday, October 17th – Brooklyn NY – Saint Vitus
w/ Tiger Flowers and So Hideous
Get tickets here.

Saturday, October 18th – Philadelphia, PA – Boot & Saddle
w/ Tiger Flowers and Ladder Devils
Get tickets here.