STREAMING: Overcharge’s “As If There Were No Tomorrow”

Globalization really has changed everything, not just for business and our sex lives but for music. How else could you explain the fact that dudes in Mumbai are playing expert technical death metal and the crop of black metal bands in Australia?
Case in point: the new album from Overcharge. Now, if you listen to these guys you might assume that they grew up in part of the Midwest where jobs are scarce but booze is plentiful. Nope; they grew up in Italy, where Americans like to go for romantic getaways. But for some reason they decided to play a hybrid of punk and speed metal like the track we’re streaming today: “As If There Were No Tomorrow.”

Overcharge’s new album Accelerate will be released on September 30 via Unspeakable Axe Records. Stream the track below and get in touch with the band here. A full track listing follows the stream.

1. Accelerate
2. As If There Were No Tomorrow
3. Dirt
4. Drown In Your Own
5. Nothing On The Way
6. Leave Behind
7. Nowhere To Go
8. Water Of Fire
9. No Law
10. Don’t Waste A Breath