STREAMING: Rigor Mortis “Poltergeist”

After the untimely passing of Rigor Mortis guitarist (Mike Scaccia; also of Ministry) in December 2012, the remaining members decided it was Scaccia who would’ve wanted to see new album, Slaves to the Grave, released to the wide world of longhairs, headbangers, and rebel angels. The group has already premiered ripping new track, “Flesh for Flies”, at Metalsucks (HERE), but one track is never enough. Thankfully, Rigor Mortis selected another publication (uh, Decibel) to throw out track number two: lead-off killer “Poltergeist”!
As for if it’ll sound like classic Rigor Mortis (self-titled in the Hall of Fame, natch), here’s Bruce Corbitt talking to the Dallas Daily Observer: “It will definitely sound like Rigor Mortis, but it will be more mature. I don’t mean that to scare anyone. I just mean that we have all gotten so much better than we were when we did our first album. We have the experience to make a better album. We always had some melodic parts to our music that some people haven’t noticed. We wanted it to flow nicely. It can go a million miles an hour and then it can get into a melodic, evil-sounding part. I would say it sounds different, but it undeniably sounds like Rigor Mortis.”

So, there you have it. The final Rigor Mortis album, in honor of Scaccia. Let’s break some fine china to Scaccia with “Poltergeist”!

** Rigor Mortis’ new album, Slaves to the Grave, is out soon, self-released through pledges on Indiegogo. You can pledge HERE and have your name written on the inside of every CD. There’s plans for a blood-splattered vinyl, too! There’s 2 weeks left, get your shovel now and help Rigor Mortis exhume to consume!