VIDEO PREMIERE: Eluveitie’s “Call of the Mountain”

Folk metal, fuck yeah. You know what I like about the video for Eluveitie’s “Call of the Mountain?” Lots of nature. You don’t need crappy CG for your video when you have the beautiful wintry landscapes of Switzerland. I guess there is also a dude with a harp and some woman standing on top of a mountain (although if she’s the one that’s calling, does that make her the mountain?). But man, in the middle of this sweltering summer, that mountain’s call seems pretty irresistible to me. Cool down and get your pagan on with our premiere of the video below.

***Origins comes out August 1 on Nuclear Blast. You can stream the whole thing for free right now here and preorder it here. In the meantime, check out their website and follow them on Facebook.