FREE DOWNLOAD: Device (CA)’s “Miracle Metal”

No, not THAT Device. This Device is from Canada, which instantly makes them 1000% cooler. Featuring noted metal scribe Kyle Harcott putting his money where his mouth is (or drumstick holding/typing hands) and a sweet space station album cover from up-and-coming designer Brandon Duncan, Device go decidedly old-school. Not just the usual touchstones like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, though; they put their knowledge of deep metal cuts to use, at times reminding listener of Manilla Road or Cirith Ungol. Their album came out last Saturday, and the whole thing is streaming on Bandcamp. As a special treat to Decibel readers, though, they’ve decided to offer their track “Miracle Metal” as a free download. Grab it below, and when you like what you hear, go buy the whole thing and support a band called Device that ISN’T terrible.

***Device is out now; download it or order the CD here.