STREAMING: The Haunted “Cutting Teeth”

It’s been three long years since The Haunted dropped surprise album, Unseen, on metaldom. Peter Dolving is no longer part of the band. Ceremonious or not. Former throater Marco Aro has returned, and with him a viciousness not heard on Unseen or The Dead Eye. The Swedes, in effect, are back!
While some of you probably missed teaser 7″ Eye Of The Storm back in January, it served as a reminder of The Haunted’s former power. In 2014, the Swedes are in-your-fucking-face, which is short code for awesome. Fans of the band remember songs like “Undead”, “Hate Song”, “Bury Your Dead”, and “D.O.A.” Well, Exit Wounds is a return, with a modern, updated take of course, to The Haunted’s halcyon years.

Says Aro: “We decided on Exit Wounds as being a good title for the album given the recent history of the band, but also a sort of a phoenix rising. We are so excited about this little thing we’ve created! Can’t wait to get out there and start playing these songs and for me personally, I could not be more proud of what we have done. I really hope you’re going to enjoy it!”

So, now’s the time. Let’s cut some teeth!

** The Haunted’s new album, Exit Wounds, is September 2nd, 2014 on Century Media Records. Pre-orders aren’t available yet, but click HERE to monitor Century Media’s online store for Exit Wounds and other The Haunted swag.