STREAMING: Publicist UK “Never Gone To School”

What happens when members of Revocation, Municipal Waste, Goes Cube and Freshkills get in a digital room together, run through a few ideas over craft beer (presumably picked and curated by none other than Dave Witte), realize they have less time than they ever had before but decide to form a new music project? That would be Publicist UK.
Publicist UK are intense, heavy, and are tangentally tied to the metal world, but musically things are coming from different places in Brett Bamberger (Revocation, East of the Wall), Zachary Lipez (Freshkills), David Obuchowski (Goes Cube, Distant Correspondent), and Dave Witte’s (Municipal Waste, Burnt By The Sun, Melt-Banana, etc) collective mindset. Together, as Publicist UK, they’ve worked through an album’s worth of material, which already has labels associated with (and not) the members’ other bands salivating like dogs on wet food day.

To give Publicist UK a bit more, uh, publicity, we’re streaming the song “Never Gone To School”, courtesy of Publicist UK and Obuchowski, who reached out to Decibel for the honors. We couldn’t be more chuffed. And sonically chafed.

“The lyrics of these songs speak for themselves,” says Obuchowski, “so I won’t go into what the song is ‘about.’ But I’ll say a few words about how Publicist UK came together. We’re the result of how truly great the metal/punk/hardcore community is. Zach was in Freshkills who toured with Goes Cube who toured with East of the Wall, who Brett co-founded (though he’s now in the awesome Revocation), who’s collaborated with Dave Witte, who’s been/is in a number of bands we all love (Municipal Waste, Burnt By The Sun, etc). That’s what this community has over other ‘scenes.’ It’s still an actual community in a real sense where people support each other, go on the road together, and in our case, start a whole new project together. And it’s not really about the genre. People who play metal/punk/hardcore listen to all kinds of music, and fans of metal have some of the most open minds there are. So we’re not really worried about what kind of a sound we have. We have heavy parts, and we have parts that aren’t. We’re just inspired as hell, and making music that we love, and cannot wait to play live. And we’ll be doing that soon. This is just the beginning.”

Enjoy the ride! Just don’t expect Witte to blastbeat.