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It’s been three years, almost to the day, since Nader Sadek and an all-star cast of death metal notables released In the Flesh, a just-about-out-of-nowhere titan of an album that exorcised its creator’s disgust with the Western petrol-centric economy and culture and the way it abuses life on Earth, both past and present.
Last year, Sadek released both a DVD and CD recording of the album played in its entirety in New York, called Living Flesh.  The songs sounded reinvigorated, electrified by a new setting and added musicians.

In yet another incarnation, Sadek’s metal manifestation has re-recorded “Mechanic Idolatry”, now billed as “Re:Mechanic” in the style introduced on Living Flesh.  This time, the project includes Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation), Mike Hrubovcak (Monstrosity), Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), Rune Eriksen (Mayhem, Aura Noir), Orestis Nalmpantis (underground Greek band Genna Apo Kolo) and Kelly Conlon (Death, Monstrosity).

Today, the Deciblog brings you the video for “Re:Mechanic” with all the brutal faux-drumming, jittery jump cuts and goopy-gloppy closeups you could possibly hope for.  The official statement to accompany the video goes like this:

In the final video of “In The Flesh,” the curse of petroleum traps faceless protagonists in a vicious cycle of dismemberment and rebirth. Breaking down body parts and reappropriating them into engine parts, the infernal Machine accumulates those parts in order to extend and intensify this process. Caught in this loop, the song functions as a ritual that links the divine skies with the underground, an ancient past with the cradle of damnation.

Sadek states: “For the final video, it was important for me to shoot at the ancient Crystal Altar in Egypt, cutting it with footage from the New York City underground. Conceptually, I wanted to broaden the scope and scale of the project, and to reaffirm the global afflictions caused by our petro worship. In a sense, the underground has risen and the surface has sunk, and with this video and the album “In the Flesh,” listeners get snared in the protagonist’s nonlinear time loop: manufactured, dismembered, and released into the vacant desert, his prayer for survival is denied as he is consumed by the unending circle of death.”

Sadek continues: “In The Flesh” and the more music-based projects prior to it were exactly that, projects. Nader Sadek was never a band or band name for that matter. The projects continue to grow and change, and it’s become very interesting to hear different artists reinterpret the material. Three years after its original inception, this song (“Re:Mechanic”) needed some new personality, and I think the re-recording with Travis Ryan, Mike Hrubovac, Tim Rocheny, Orestis Nalmpantis and Kelly Conlon with a superb intro by Martin Rygiel, has given it more strength and power. Personally, I think the new version is refreshing. The “Re:Mechanic” re-fix peaks with this video, and I’m honored that Decibel and Terrorizer are premiering it together!

We are, in fact, putting together a band, and of course it will not bear my name as band name. More on that very soon. For now, I am very excited to take the project on the road for a Canadian and European tour. Thank you to all who have followed it so far.

Tour, you say?  When and where?  Here’s the list:

20.05.2014 Le Petit Campus, Montreal (CA)
23.05.2014 Traffic, ROME (IT)
24.05.2014 Cycle Club, Calenzano, FLORENCE (IT)
25.05.2014 Circolo Colony, BRESCIARA (IT)
26.05.2014 Sunset Bar, MARTIGNY (CH)
27.05.2014 Le Klub, Paris, (FR)


Travis Ryan : Main vocals, Flo Mounier : Drums, Mike Hrubovac:  Vocals, Tim Rocheny: Backing vocals, Orestis Nalmpantis: Leads, Rune Eriksen:Guitars, Kelly Conlon: Bass

Original Song by Steve Tucker and Mike Lerner, with Rune Eriksen; Lyrics Re-written by Nader Sadek; Intro by Martin Rygiel, Nader Sadek, Casey Smith; Mixed/Mastered: Casey Smith

Video: Directed by Nader Sadek


Bassist: Novy Nowak, Guitarist: Rune Eriksen, Drummer: Flo Mounier, Singer :Novy Nowak/Guy whitney, Desert Druid: Nader Sadek,

CG/FX : Matt Foglia, Artur Elson, CHAWKI RODESLY

Shot by:  Andrew Strasser, Karim El Hakim, Nader Sadek, Black out Studios ( Tarek Hosni)

Egypt Crew:  Amy el Sabahy, Mohamed Adel, Sandrine Pelletier

US CREW:  Abraham Gautier, Henning Koczy

Original Song by Steve Tucker and Mike Lerner, with Rune Eriksen

Lyrics Re-written by Nader Sadek