Hour of Penance End Dynasties with New Album, Regicide

Italy’s itinerant papal-pounders Hour of Penance are set to return to the Brutal Death Metal ov Protest scene next week with their 6th punishing album.  Regicide will hit stores next week with the same force of conviction and yoke-lightening purpose as Sedition and Paradogma before it.  Hour of Penance hail from the epicenter of that strange mix of extravagance and noble humility, the Catholic Church; as such, the band has a uniquely poignant perspective on moral tyranny and their own responsibility to try crumbling its foundations from below.
Says vocalist/guitarist Paolo Pieri, “We’re proud to uncover our latest work, Regicide, to all of our fans worldwide. We’ve put great effort in every detail of this album, and I’m sure it will blow away the ears of every death metalhead, so check it out streaming in its entirety on Decibel!”

So go ahead:  make sure you’ve been hating the Church at the appropriate volume and BPM.  Let the SoundCloud stream get you through the week, and if you dig, you can pre-order the album here at Prosthetic Records.  Get Re-indoctrinated!