TRACK PREMIERE: Bludded Head’s “Rotten Demon Shit”

As fun as it is to cover everything Carcass and At the Gates are up to, occasionally it’s nice to shine a light on a truly underground band. Dallas’s Bludded Head definitely fall into that category, scooping out unpleasant sludge with a tendency towards the minimalist. Their misery comes from a real place, too – singer/guitarist Nevada Hill has been battling cancer and the ravages of chemotherapy. You can read about his struggles with both the disease and the American healthcare system here. Produced by Daron Beck  of Pinkish Black, their second album, Bludded Death, comes with artwork by a seven-year-old girl that perfectly captures the primitive etchings going on in the music. You should buy the tape and support an artist in need, but in the meantime, here’s some “Rotten Demon Shit” to whet your appetite.

***Buy the cassette from Sleeping Giant Glossolalia for only six dollars here. Follow them on Facebook here and purchase their first album here.