TRACK PREMIERE: Tusmörke’s “All Is Lost”

Tusmörke came out of nowhere (well, Norway) two years ago with a supernaturally good debut album, one that paid homage to Krautrock groups like Amon Düül II and English psych folk like Jethro Tull while investing their retroactivity with an infectious verve. Not metal in the least, obviously, but where else can you find listeners adventurous enough for the prog psych flute action happening here? I loved Underjordisk Tusmorke when it came out (just check out my Pazz and Jop ballot). Now, finally, they’ve put out their second full-length.
Riset Bak Speilet has a darker cover and darker music to match. See the title of the track this post is about. Still, where there’s darkness there is light, and whatever the words are saying (half of it in Norwegian), the tunes themselves brim with life. These hymns to pagan gods are amongst the best music you’ll hear in this year or any other, and I for one am incredibly psyched (see what I did there?) to present our premiere of “All Is Lost” (along with the previously released video for “Offerpresten” down at the bottom, because you can never have too much Tusmörke).



*** Riset Bak Speilet comes out May 16 on Svart. Follow them on Facebook here. Preorder the album on CD here or LP here.