Enter the Salted Crypt: Exclusive Trap Them Premiere!

No need to drag this out…
It is an absolute honor and privilege to present “Salted Crypt,” your first taste of the long-awaited return of one of the greatest extreme music outfits of our time, Trap Them.

And good goddamn was it worth the wait.

“A few years ago, when Ryan told me the title of the next Trap Them album was going to be Blissfucker I knew I had my work cut out for me,” guitarist Brian Izzi tells Decibel. “The title was so intense that I knew I had to write riffs and songs that could live up to the promise. I think ‘Salted Crypts’ is one of those songs. Get scared.”

Stream the track below, then head over to the Blissfucker pre-order page where, amongst a multitude of tempting options, you will find a package that includes an LP, T-shirt, and a subscription to a certain newsstand-leveling monthly heavy metal mag.