STREAMING: Sons Of Huns “Bless Those Who Follow”

When it comes to describing Sons of Huns’ music we’re at a bit of a loss. Nektar mixed with Black Sabbath mixed with Kill ‘Em All-era Metallica? Steamhammer mixed with Sleep mixed with Ace of Spades-era Motörhead? Sure, any and all of it. The Portland trio’s style also picks up heavy influence from ’70s sci-fi, namely Star Wars. One look at Banishment Ritual‘s cover and Sons of Huns’ font choice, and it’s pretty clear they were wide-eyed tykes while Luke, Han, Leia and Chewy (forget the droids!) were swashbuckling across the galaxy, with the can’t-hit-anything-with-our-laser-guns Empire in hot, “we’re on the short-bus” pursuit.
When describing Sons of Huns’ music, Frank151 had the gall to call them, “brontosaurus rock”. Or maybe that’s what Sons of Huns’ called themselves after too many PBRs and losing eBay bids on out-of-box-but-mint Boba Fett Kenner figs. Actually, here’s Sons of Hun’s Peter Hughes’ response: “My goodness, I don’t know if I can be held responsible for anything we’ve ever said, but you know everybody’s got a dinosaur in them. I guess, that’s just how we feel, like a large vegetarian of mammoth size. It’s just heavy.” So, there you go.

Sons Of Huns are currently touring with Kadavar (HERE).

** Sons of Huns’ new album, Banishment Ritual, is out April 8th (that’s tomorrow, dudes!) on Easy Rider Records. It’s available on CD (HERE), super sweet vinyl (HERE), and digitally (HERE). Click the links. The gods of ’70s hard-speed rock will thank you.