A Straight Edge “Timeline”

Check out a raging slab of unadulterated, all-star straight-edge hardcore off the upcoming EP A Place Beyond from Boston’s Test of Time below — the precursor to a much-anticipated July full-length release By Design.
“Having been involved in the hardcore scene for about fifteen years each,’Timeline’ is a reflection about the feelings that originally draw you into the scene and how during that time, most of us were awkward and uncomfortable with ourselves,” guitarist Charles Chaussinand tells Decibel. “The second verse dives into having been in the scene for a while, and then the end of the song deals with how the hardcore scene fits in with life as an adult. To illustrate this point, this seven-inch only version of ‘Timeline’ includes guest vocals from Brian Connors (Caught in a Crowd) to start the song, Pat Flynn (Have Heart) through the middle, and Sweet Pete (In My Eyes) rounding out the end. While being personal, the lyrics ring true for anyone, in any stage of their ‘hardcore lives.'”

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