STREAMING: Monolord “Empress Rising”

“…that fuzzed out soundscape was exactly what we were looking to achieve. We actually didn’t have any specific genre in mind starting this band, we just wanted to make music as heavy and gritty as possible. If anyone wants to label it doom, stoner or sludge is entirely up to them. But we’re totally fine with that; as long as people like what we do we take any labelling as a compliment.” So says Monolord guitarist Esben Willems in a recent interview on Slugelord (HERE)
We’re actually on the same page as Willems. Empress Rising is doom, stoner, and sludge, all mixed up but not entirely devoted to any genre or subgenre. It has its heavy-as-mountain moments, its ‘dude, that riff vibrated my bong!’ moments, and its despondent ‘wish I lived in a cemetery’ moments. But the cool thing about Empress Rising is that it never feels caged. Much of that probably has to do with Monolord’s predecessor outfit, Marulk, which put the ‘b’ in boogie.

OK, we’re not going to hold back from you discovering your new favorite band. Behold! Monolord’s Empress Rising.

** Monolord’s Empress Rising is out in two different formats–CD and LP–on Easyrider Records. CD is available HERE. Vinyl in many colors HERE. Do it for the doom!