It’s MLB Opening Day and Your Team Doesn’t Suck (Yet)!

Why does every baseball fan everywhere look forward to opening day of Major League Baseball more than any other day of the season? For some it’s the only day their team isn’t in the cellar (Houston) or languishing in mediocrity (Chicago Cubs) or headed toward another 100-loss season (Seattle). For others it’s the possibility of a championship at the end of the six-month odyssey that is the MLB season or, hell, just a shot at an improbable playoff run. This is the day when things are possible. Tomorrow may look a little different, but today the glass is still half full.
So, with all the optimism we can muster (as a Mariners fan), we’re celebrating MLB Opening Day with a video of Bruce Lamont of Yakuza fame interviewing Chicago White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko about— what else—the metal he likes to listen to while preparing for a game. And for more quality metal and MLB, Decibel‘s annual MLB Preview is in the new issue (with Triptykon’s Tom G. Warrior on the over) which is now available for ordering here and on your tablet/smart phone.

B+K FINAL INTERVIEW from Justin Baron on Vimeo.