STREAMING: The Wounded Kings’ “Consolamentum”

You guys realize that we are in a renaissance for doom metal right now, right? So much excellent heaviness out there. Maybe it’s because everything sucks just like it did back in the 70s. I don’t know, I’m not an historian. I do, however,  know quality when I hear it, especially when it’s as attached to something as overwhelming as The Wounded Kings’ latest. Epically slow and atmospheric, with occult intonations provided by Sharie Neyland, Consolamentum should appeal to anyone who likes Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, or last year’s Windhand record. You can check it out for yourself below and understand why their contribution to the continuing excellence of the doomy arts is so significant.

***Consolamentum is out now via Candlelight. Order it here! Or here! Or here! Follow them on the Book of Faces here!