Goodbye Cruel World!!! (And Hello Fine Arts!?!)

A couple months back we premiered a new Backstabbers Inc track and now, with barely time enough for a gasp between, guitarist/vocalist Matt Serven is prepping Bury Me in a Hole in the Ground, the super limited double cassette from his digital hardcore side project GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!!!
We’ve got an exclusive stream of the track “Condolence Card” below, which should help whet your appetite for the multiple one-man not-at-all-acoustical-jams going down at the release show in Boston Thursday night with Xiphoid Dementia, Sharpwaist & Marabou Stork, and others.

matt serven goodbye cruel world

With all this cacophony in production, you wouldn’t think Serven would have time for much else, yet he also churns out some nutty/edgy fine art in his spare time. Check out a sampling drawn from his personal art page after the jump.