STREAMING: Fluisteraars’ “Dromers”

Continuing the trend of posting streams from bands whose names I can’t pronounce, this week we have a full album stream from Fluisteraars. Apparently it means “the whisperers” in whatever language they speak in the Netherlands. Not a hell of a lot of whispering going on to these ears, but there are definitely some nuances. Some of Immortal’s epic black ‘n’ roll groove, some of Agalloch’s depressive atmospherics, and a whole lot of passion go into the three songs on Dromers. Sure, it’s black metal, but is pretty great black metal. You can hear for yourself below. In the meantime, here’s an exclusive interview with the band for you to enjoy while listening.
How did the band come together?

Long before our demo ‘Beringheim’ we got to know each other as ‘just a bunch of local guys who share the same interests.’ Everyone had his own interpretation of music and instrument. After experimenting and jamming it turned out to be a perfect formula for Fluisteraars. From then on it just developed itself to songs that became the ‘Dromers’ album.

What inspired you to create this music?

Personal stuff really. Instead of influences, it’s more like a drive to convert thoughts, visions and dreams into art and sound. With Dromers we tried to create an as fair as possible image about our emotions at that time. This process will be going on and on and you can expect more intense albums in the future.

Can you tell us what some of the songs are about?

Our view should not be important for the listener. Interpret it the way you feel about it. That’s the essence of (our) music.

How do you get yourself in the right emotional state for writing (and performing) such bleak music?

We record stuff weekly to empty our heads. That’s it. Our music isn’t necessarily dark as many would state. Every month or so the three of us come together and weave all the recorded emotions into one journey through our minds.

What do you hope the listener takes away from the album?

We hope people can loose themselves in Dromers and that they can refer to this album in certain states of their minds.


***Dromers is out now courtesy of Eisenwald. You can order it here.