Streaming: Morfin drop some choice old-school death metal with “Cryostasis”

Courtesy of FDA Rekotz, the Deciblog is proud to bring you a wee afternoon poke in the eye by way of “Cryostasis”, taken from Morfin’s debut LP, Inoculation. The album drops on Feb 21st. You can pre-order it here.
Morfin will be mother’s milk to all those old-school death metal connoisseurs who get their necks in a spin at the prospect of some ye olde, swamp-stomping Florida-style hellfire, at riffs and grunts from dudes in bangs and biker jackets. Morfin call California home but sound like they have been grown from stem-cell DNA harvested from one of Morrisound Recording’s old mics. Yup, Inoculation is an album for all of you crazy headbangers out there who found Human too evolved but Leprosy agreeably primal.

Yeah, Morfin haven’t rediscovered fire or anything; but they’re up-front with their influences, even covering Death’s “Leprosy” on the album and everything, and it makes a refreshing change for some new-wave old-schoolers to be cribbing from Chuck’s late-‘80s playbook, Massacre et al instead of going all out to ape Incantation or wholesale bogarting the Sunlight Studio sound.

Right, it’s near the weekend. Take aim at the fridge, shotgun a cold one, press play and check out Morfin.

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