STREAMING: French sludge-metallers DRAWERS new self-titled album

Ladies and germs, courtesy of the good people of Kaotoxin Records, it is our great honor to host this online premiere of Drawer’s self-tilted sophomore album.
Drawers are a five-piece outfit from Toulouse, France, who play sludge or a variant thereof; Drawers is really just big-riffed, amp-worshipping metal. This is sludgish metal.

Indeed, calling Drawers honest-to-God sludge kinda shows up the inadequacies of using genre to categorise a band’s métier. Sure, Drawers’ register is sludge but they go light on the meth, guns and junk that characterizes the slow-mo degeneracy of bands we recognize as sludge. Drawers eschew all that law-baiting nihilism in favor of some high-volume introspection. There are definitely clear echoes of Mastodon, Torche, and Baroness in Drawers’ sound—Baroness, in particular, with whom Drawers share a similarly melodic sensibility—but they’ve got enough range and sincerity to pay dues to such influences and court the ear of anyone whose pickle’s tickled by corpulent riffs and melodies stay on the right side of bittersweet.

Drawers drops on Feb 11th. You can pre-order it here. It is is a heavy album, weighty enough to compromise the lumbar but not quite enough to crush the spirit; shit, it’s heavy and gentle, a tender grizzly bear of a record, a gorilla on Prozac. Go on, click play below. It won’t bite.

Also, be sure to check out their 2011 debut, All is One, at Drawers’ BandCamp page.

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