STREAMING: Godhunter’s “Brushfires”

For your streaming pleasure today we are premiering the track “Brushfires” from Arizona’s Godhunter, a nasty hybrid of thrash and sludge. Preorder the album City Of Dust here from The Compound. Some details on the track follow the stream.

Brushfires is an analogy for the divisiveness that embroils the political nature of mankind. In that political realm, when governments or corporations cause irreparable harm to the environment or to others, they fundamentally deny that anything is ultimately wrong. They will deny science, they will deny logic, in order to pursuit an agenda of profit and gain, regardless of cost.

In a land plagued with overpopulation and drought comes the ever-increasing threat of a devastating wildfire. The chances of these brushfires erupting increases annually as the effects of climate change, invasive species, and growing swaths of urban sprawl permanently alter our fragile ecosystem. These types of fires can erupt anytime, anywhere. They are a by-product of our excess. These fires purge that excess, whether we want them too or not.

This song is about the Yarnell Hill Fire that took the lives of 19 firefighters in Arizona in 2013, but it is also about the well being of our state. In recent years Arizona has been embroiled in divisive politics that have exposed not only exposed a deep seeded unrest, but also a denial of climate science, logic, and common decency. It is our hope that something positive will emerge from this and other related tragedies.