STREAMING: Grand Magus “Triumph and Power”

Grand Magus grand magister JB Christoffersson said to us recently: “Well, in heavy metal the drums are extremely important, maybe more important than many people realize. There has been a tendency in “modern” metal to focus too much on a fat guitar sound, resulting in really weak sounding or fake sounding drums. In my experience, the fat guitar sound is a result of the combination of drums and bass guitar, rather than using all space/frequencies for the guitars. You have to have a really solid foundation to make things explode, hence the focus on the drums.”
You know what? Christoffersson’s absolutely right. Drums in heavy metal kind of suck, for the most part. They don’t resonate, communicate the primal activity of hitting wood to skin, resound naturally. Luckily for Grand Magus (and their fans), the drum production on new album, Triumph and Power, is killer. Like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden killer. We’re not just talking about Ludwig “Ludde” Witt’s ability to pro skin smash, but rather the sound of Witt banging the drums. From “On Hooves Of Gold” to “The Hammer Will Bite”, the drums rule as the guitars of Christoffersson and bass of Fox hit the head and the heart hard and fast.

We’re pretty chuffed to announce the premiere of “Triumph and Power”. Grand Magus is the best band you’ve not heard.

** Grand Magus’ new album, Triumph and Power, is out February 4th on Nuclear Blast. It’s available for pre-order HERE on CD and limited edition vinyl. Oh, sorry for the Euro link. We’ll replace with a US link as soon as listings are available.