BREWTAL TRUTH: The Brewtal Truth Book Tour!

I’m not trying to steal the thunder from next Friday’s announcement of the Decibel Magazine 2014 tour lineup, but there’s another Decibel-related tour that’ll be taking place a little sooner than the new year. OK, this one won’t be as loud or as sweaty as the upcoming Decibel Magazine Tour, and there definitely won’t be a pit. But it will take place at bars and other fine drinking establishments across the Pacific Northwest and there will be beer involved.
Yep, The Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers: An All-Excess Pass to Brewing’s Outer Limits, is hitting the road for four book-signing dates in Seattle, Portland, and Eugene. Don’t worry, these aren’t going to be “literary” events where the author reads passages from the book and answers questions from the audience. Nope, this will be as much about good beer as it is the book. There will, of course, be books available to purchase (only $20 each!) and have signed, but since all the events will take place at pubs, bottleshops and breweries it’ll be a celebration of extreme beers at every stop. (Also, if you’ve already bought a copy of the book and you just want to get it signed, feel free to bring it to any of these events.)


Saturday, Dec. 7, Brouwer’s Cafe, Seattle, 4pm.
I start things off with a bang at the coolest place to drink craft beer in Seattle, Brouwer’s Cafe. And joining me for this super-special event is none other than Surly head brewer (and Powermad and Vulgaari guitarist) Todd Haug, who is featured prominently in the book. Todd is flying out from Minneapolis just for this event and will be signing copies of the book, as well. Oh yeah, he’s also bringing seven(!) Surly beers—including Pentagram, Darkness and Abrasive, which are profiled in the book—which will be available during the event. This is an unprecedented opportunity to try Surly beers and talk to the (very metal) dude who brewed them.


Thursday, Dec. 12, The Beer Junction, West Seattle, 5-8pm.
There’s no shortage of amazing craft beer to be had in the West Seattle neighborhood and The Beer Junction is at the center of it all. I’ll be signing copies of my book at their weekly Thursday tasting, which (not coincidentally) will feature several Ninkasi beers on tap. A mere $4 gets you five samples, and I think it’s a safe bet that the Brewtal Truth-approved Sleigh’r will be available. For less than $25 bucks you can get a copy of my book and some great beer.


Friday, Dec. 13, Ninkasi Brewing Tasting Room, Eugene, 6-7:30pm.
Friday the 13th at Ninkasi? Hell yeah! This metal-loving brewery was the first and only choice for a book-signing event in Eugene. Their Sleigh’r beer is, of course, profiled in the book, and I also noted their nod to Iron Maiden with their seasonal brew (which unfortunately won’t be available), Maiden the Shade. Ninkasi is located in the heart of Eugene’s brewing district, so this event is a great place to start your evening.


Saturday, Dec. 14, The Green Dragon Pub, Portland, 5pm.
The Green Dragon is one of Rogue’s “meeting halls,” so it was a no-brainer to partner with them for a book-signing. Two Rogue beers—XL Old Crustacean and Voodoo Bacon Maple Ale—are profiled in the book and, true to its name, Rogue has been making beers that push style boundaries since its inception. Can you say Beard Beer?

Adem Tepedelen’s new craft beer book, Decibel Presents the Brewtal Truth Guide to Extreme Beers: An All-Excess Pass to Brewing’s Outer Limits, is now available in the Decibel online store.