STREAMING: Tad Morose “Revenant”

Back in 1993, the least fashionable music—as far as extreme music is concerned—was heavy metal. Unless it was Iron Maiden, but they were also on the skids with Fear of the Dark. For Swedes Tad Morose, they had precious little chance of surviving the music climes of death metal, the nascent (and hyper-ascendant) black metal scene, the successes of doom metal (of the death metal variety), and whatever subgenre (Viking metal; folk metal) was burgeoning out of the cracks. They were not like the others and suffered, to some extent, from lack of recognition. Nevertheless, Tad Morose released Leaving the Past Behind on Black Mark that year. Five full-lengths followed, the last of which was 2003’s applauded Modus Vivendi.
Fast forward 10 long years. And Tad Morose return. They’ve gone from Black Mark and Century Media to Swedish made Despotz. The group’s penchant for dark melancholic heavy metal remains intact, however. That the sounds on Revenant on more relevant than ever is merely a plus. Founding member/guitarist Christer ‘Krunt’ Andersson had this to say about the group’s seventh full-length: “Revenant is a very important album for us and it feels unbelievably awesome to finally get it out! Thinking back on all the hard times we’ve been through over the years to make this happen, it feels kind of unreal that we are here. The album is done! Well, what can I say? I’m really at a loss for words when I think of it. We hope you’ll like it! And remember! Play it LOUD!”

You heard the man. Play Revenant LOUD!

** Tad Morose’s new album, Revenant, is out November 20th on Despotz Records. The physical CD is available HERE and the digital download is available HERE (iTunes).