STREAMING: Nausea “Cries of Pain”, from forthcoming album Condemned to the System

Courtesy of the good people at Willowtip, we’ve got a fierce, frantic and faceripping track premiere from Nausea‘s forthcoming LP, Condemned to the System.
While Nausea have been grinding it out live over the past couple of years, showing up and throwing down at such shindigs as MDF and Bloodshed, they’ve hardly been prolific; Condemned to the System will be the LA death/grind quartet’s first full-length album since their 1991 debut, Crime Against Humanity, and features a mixture of re-worked tracks that never made it past demo stage and a fresh crop of aural roughhousing. Indeed, you might recognise “Cries of Pain” from their 2006 demo release, Images of Abuse.

Condemned to the System features fresh blood in the form of bassist Alejandro CB (Pounder, Chemical Bitches) and guitarist Leon del Müerte (Murder Construct, ex-Exhumed, Phobia, Impaled, Intronaut), and maybe with a fresh line-up we won’t have to wait some 20-plus years for album number three. But, musically, this is business as usual for Nausea. There’s no esoteric creative digression here; Condemned . . . is visceral and from the gut, instinctive and gnarly. It drops on Jan 7th 2014; in the meantime, press play on “Cries of Pain” and momentarily expunge that Monday afternoon ennui.

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