STREAMING: Weekend Nachos “Still”

For a band that “likes” Taco Bell (and White Castle), we’re pretty sure the dudes in Weekend Nachos have had their fair share of Nacho Bell Grandes. With a name such as Weekend Nachos, well, why wouldn’t they? Remember when Taco Bell used to put black olives and scallions on those things? Anyway, it’s not like the band is called Sunday Burritos or Weekday Churros. That nonsense being said, the Chicagoans have a new album coming up. It’s called Still, and if we weren’t so kind to partner with Relapse (again, we know!) for the premiere, you’d probably think the group’s up ‘n’ comer would sound like… nothing. Stillness. Wouldn’t that be a concept to wrap heads around?
True to form, Weekend Nachos deliver. Described by Relapse as “Absolutely crucial negative, hateful hardcore for fans of Infest and Nails,” well, we pretty much concur. One spin through Still and we’re still trying to get the hurt out of our ears and the smiles off our dumb-ass faces. Like punishment for power violence gluttons, to be frank. So, here you go. As Susanna Hoffs once sang to the delight of teen boys the world over: “It’s just another violent Monday / I wish it were fucking Sunday / ‘Cause that’s my cunt day.”

** Weekend Nacho’s new album, Still, is out November 11th, 2013 on Relapse Records. It’s available for pre-order HERE. If you don’t click the pre-order link, well, forever stale nachos for you!