Join the Crusades

The upcoming Crusades record Perhaps You Deliver This Judgment With Greater Fear Than I Receive It is now available for pre-order, and we’ve got a sneak peek at what these Canadian anti-theists have been up to with the exclusive stream of a heretical rager entitled “The Torchbearer” below:

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Giordano Bruno was born five years after Copernicus’ death. He had passed down an intoxicating idea to the generation that was to follow him: The Infinity of the Universe, one of the great inspiring ideas of the Renaissance. The sky was no longer simply a 15th Century God’s backyard, and it was too vast to be presided over by a 15th Century God.

Bruno tried to imagine a god whose majesty dignified that of the stars. He desired deep thrills over high visions and yearned to share his experiences. And for this, he suffered a cruel death and attained a unique martyr’s fame. He has become the Church’s most difficult alibi. It can explain away the case of Galileo with suave condescension. Bruno sticks in its throat.

Giordano Bruno is the martyr whose name should come before all others. He was not a mere religious sectarian caught up in some mob hysteria. He was a sensitive, imaginative poet, alight with the enthusiasm of a grand vision of the boundless universe – all tantamount to the ‘treason’ of heretical belief and nonconformity. For this vision he was confined in a lightless dungeon for eight years and then led to a blazing marketplace and roasted to death by fire.

The ‘Church’ will never outlive him.