Full Album Stream: Satanic Malfunctions

It’s been more than 22 years since the UK hardcore act Satanic Malfunctions has released any music (Disgrace To Humanity, 1990). Decibel is proud to present a full album stream of the comeback Them, released by Selfmadegod and available for purchase here.
After the stream check a quick q and a with drummer Ade. It’s short and to the point — just like their songs.

When did you decide to write music together again?

After Karol (from Selfmadegod) got in touch with the proposition of releasing full Satanic Malfunctions discography.

Have people asked about the band and remembered you the past few decades?

Yes. People remembered us. I was the only person from the old line up who kept on attending gigs. Friends and promoters were willing to give us a chance.

Had you all remained friends over the years?

The band brought us together, but outside the group we did not meet socially.

What did you want to accomplish with Them?

We want to play music we love, meet people and have fun. We want our music and lyrics to influence people to think for themselves.