VIDEO PREMIERE: Meek Is Murder’s “In the Ground”

Leah Sottile already made the obvious Smiths joke in her post on these guys back in 2011, which totally ruins my planned lazy intro. So fine. Meek Is Murder are super into Botch and other music that makes your ears hurt, which is always a good thing. Of course, that’s only appropriate, considering that, in the year preceding the creation of Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters, guitarist/vocalist Mike Keller went through a litany of disasters that would have an audience crying bullshit if you inflicted all of it on a character in a crappy melodrama: three deaths in the family, the dissolution of a long-term relationship, a destructive fire in his apartment, illness, and even a god damn injured dog. That would make anybody grumpy, but at least we got some killer music out of it.
They also made a video. It’s very purple. Take a minute and a half out of your day and check out our premiere of “In the Ground.”

***Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters comes out on LP via Threshold of Pain records on October 22; order it here (eventually). Check out their bandcamp here for the digital download (eventually). Follow them on Facebook here.